Today is the perfect reminder to check in with those around us and ask the important question R U OK?

It’s totally fine not to be and sometimes all it takes is opening the dialogue and starting a conversation with someone so they feel supported and heard. We work with some incredible social media talents and now unlike any time before we are living in the day and age of sharing and comparing our lives with those in the social media world.

Last month we photographed the lovely Meaghan with her gorgeous family. Meaghan a Mum to 3, make up artist to Melbourne’s who’s who celebrity list and a freelance writer helped answer some of our questions about how to be ok and navigate your way through this social media world.  Meaghan has a natural writing flare and it has seen her be the beauty editor for a leading online publication, a featured blogger for some the most influential mummy blogs and she is currently in the planning stages of an exciting new project. Meaghan highlights the fact that everyone has their own story and the online world can be a beautiful place to form relationships and support networks but it always important to remember how your words can and do affect others so be mindful with what you write and say.

Why do you think people are so interested in Mummy profiles?

I write as a freelancer for other websites and blogs. This gives me lots of creative freedom as I can write anything from beauty blogs to parenting pieces, without the time pressure to produce constant content. The Mummy profiles on social media have replaced reality shows and gossip mags. I think the profiles feel tangible, like you’re following a friend. We just love to know what’s going on in other people’s lives!

In the social media world where you share your personal journey and stories it must be hard to not get affected by peoples opinions and negativity.

The social media world can be a nasty, nasty place, and yet it can also be a supportive & caring community. As someone who has had people very close to me suffer from mental illness, and more recently suffer myself with anxiety it is incredibly important to remember the old advice of “if you have nothing nice to say, then say NOTHING”… words can hurt and these people behind the profile are real people with real feelings. It definitely takes a thick skin as there will always be overly opinionated people but, I see things I don’t agree/like all the time and I just keep on scrolling!

As someone who is in the social media spotlight is there any no go topics or things that you won’t share?

I choose to share all sorts of pics/stories but, I am very mindful of what I share about my children & family. Oversharing is so common on social media these days but sometimes I think it’s done at the expense of our children or partner’s.

What is your number one message that you want your followers to know?

Life on social media does not equal real life… tiny squares are just that, tiny glimpses! Don’t underestimate your worth, job, body, family or income based on what you see/read. Use it for entertainment, downtime & inspiration but never comparison. X 

Who are your favourite Mamma’s in spotlight and why?

Megan Gale, Lindy Klim & Rachael Finch are all beautiful, natural, down to earth celebrity Mum’s that I follow. My favourite bloggers are Zee plus 3, Jetset Mama and The Gutsy Mummy.


Please remember to check in with those around you, ask someone today R U OK?


Check out some of our favourites from Meaghans shoot! 

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