I wanted to share this family session from a recent session with Aimee, Matthew and their boys because, well when you see their portraits you will know exactly why! 

Any good portrait photographer knows that capturing a great photo relies largely on the lighting and if you’re taking outdoor photos then there’s no better time to do so than the golden hour. These stunning family photos are a perfect example of why booking a sunset portrait session time frame can help in creating some of the most breathtaking photos you’ll ever see. With hues of yellow, red and orange that transforms an already beautiful setting into one even more amazing.


What is Golden Hour?

Golden Hour is the period of time right after sunrise or just before sunset. Despite its name, golden hour isn’t actually an hour. In fact, the duration of golden hour varies depending on your location, the time of year and even the weather conditions. While the definition may seem technical, defining the golden hour is anything but precise. Regardless of how long it lasts while you’re snapping photos, it’s clear that there’s something epic about this special time.

What makes the golden hour such an ideal time for taking photos is the magical effect the light has during this time of day. First, golden hour gives off a warm yellow light, as the name suggests. This light is almost impossible to get any other way. The angle that the sun is at also affects the way light travels through the atmosphere. During golden hour, the sun is closest to the horizon forcing the light to travel through more layers of the atmosphere than normal. The atmosphere acts as a sort of diffuser, reducing the intensity of the light. Another bonus is the direction of the light. When the sun is close to the horizon during golden hour, it casts longer shadows, creating magical evening photos.

We really call golden hour the last hour and 15 minutes worth of sun before the sun sets behind the horizon. You definitely DO NOT want to start a session right before the sun sets, as you will hardly have enough time to get in photos, as the sky appears too dark. So, be prepared with more time. We like to start our sessions around 1 hour before sunset, this way you have plenty of time to get in all of the photos you need. It’s better to have too much time than not enough! 

With all the benefits of golden hour is it any wonder that these stunning family photos turned out so wonderful?! This fun family chose to do their family photos at Eynesbury and their timing couldn’t have been better. Some of their best photos were captured during this magical period of time, and the results are stunning!


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