Our Story

The Wedding & Portrait Studio is a boutique Melbourne based photography studio. Started by myself (Brenton Spiteri) almost 18 years ago with a passion and mission to create a state of the art photography studio that captures the milestones of families from the first moments of a newborns life through to the celebration of their marriage and beyond. 

With the challenges brought about by the pandemic, Our photography studio has undergone a profound transformation, reverting to its foundational roots. Farewelling the amazing team that has helped the studio with its successes over the years, I am excited to immerse myself in the hot seat, donning the role of the lead photographer into a new chapter for the studio. 

With this fresh start does come with a few limitations. I also run two other success business’ that require love from me and therefore I am only available for portrait sessions on limited dates per month so I recommend booking early. 

Check out my other two business’ I now own. 

Witchmount Estate Winery (Weddings & Events)

Fancy Things Cocktail and Wine Bar (Caroline Springs)

I hope to catch up soon,


A Journey Back to Basics:

Founded in 2005, The WP Studio has always been synonymous with innovation and artistic exploration. However, the constraints of the pandemic prompted a reevaluation of priorities, pushing the studio to rediscover its essence. In this period of introspection, Brenton recognised the significance of returning to the foundational principles that fueled the studio’s initial success and the loyalty of clients throughout the past 18 years. 

📷 Brenton’s Artistic Resurgence:

As the director and lead photographer, Brenton  brings a wealth of experience and a renewed passion to the forefront. Stepping back into the role of lead photographer, he injects a fresh perspective into every frame, drawing from the core values that have defined our studio since its inception. 

💫 Looking Forward:

With Brenton once again in the hot seat, The studio looks toward the future with a blend of tradition and innovation. The journey back to the foundations has not only reaffirmed the studio’s identity but has set the stage for a new chapter—one where the timeless art of photography continues to evolve, guided by the unwavering passion and expertise of its director.

Brenton runs the WP studio, has been a photographer since he was 17 when he started the business, and is the creative genius behind our brand. Brenton LOVES capturing weddings and also children in their element being crazy and cheeky. Outside of photography, Brenton owns and operates Witchmount Estate Weddings & Events and has a rescue dog Rebel and in his ‘spare time’ loves traveling and exploring the world.